Sarah and Justin! Wedding Photography

11 05 2012

Oh man,  We knew we were in for a treat for Sarah and Justin’s wedding day.  These two have this wonderful, quiet joy about them that was so wonderful to be around and to photograph.  We started at the JW Marriott….sweet!  The ceremony was at St. Alphonsus…..super beautiful!  And the reception was at Western Michigan’s conference center….always wonderful.  Plus we got to work together with the wonderful folks from Icon Filmworks for the day.  All around amazing day!  Congratulations Sarah and Justin.  We are so thankful we were there!  Click here if you’d like to see their online gallery of images.  We have a few previews below for you too!  Enjoy!!


Eric & Becky! Wedding Photography

18 04 2012

Whenever we have a chance to spend some time with any of VanEck Family we jump!  Of course, when Becky & Eric contacted us about their wedding we were so excited to be able to be there to capture this day for them.  It was a perfect early spring day and we had an amazing time with them, their family, and their friends.  What a fantastic day!  Congratulations Eric and Becky!

Click here to see their online gallery of images.  Below is a few images from their day and their online preview!  Enjoy!!

Tyler & Mary Kate! Wedding Photography

26 01 2012

New Years Eve + Wedding = Ah-ma-zing!  Wow,  This new years even wedding was fantastic.  Tyler and Mary Kate were wonderful, their families were wonderful, the church was wonderful, the weather was wonderful, the horse and carriage rides through dowtown GR were wonderful, the reception venue was wonderful (with a view of the Grand Rapids Ball Drop), the live band was wonderful, and the celebration was absolutely amazing!  I think you get the idea.  We were so honored to be there.  It was so excellent.  Congratulations Tyler and Mary Kate!

Click HERE to watch their online preview.

Click HERE to see their online gallery of images.


Shawn & Courtney, Wedding Photography!

4 01 2012

Fall weddings are generally fabulous for many reason and Shawn and Courtney’s was no exception.  It was an excellent day with lots of great fun had by all.  They were married at a great little church in NW Grand Rapids and their reception was downtown.  We are thankful that we were able to be there with them to photograph their day.  Congratulations Shawn and Courtney!

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Click HERE to view their online gallery of images.

Click on the images below to enlarge them.  Enjoy!

Tim and Katie! Wedding Photography.

12 12 2011

If you enjoy Michigan in the fall you already know it is a fabulous time of year to get married. Not only does God compliment your wedding decor with the fantastic colors of fall, but almost every year for your anniversary you get to enjoy the splendor of the fall colors and smells that will remind you of your wedding day. Tim and Katie had just that, a perfect fall wedding day in Michigan. It was such an honor to photograph this special day for them and to enjoy it with them. We send a wonderful congratulations to Tim and Katie!

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Here are a few images from their wedding day!!

Nick & Amy, Wedding Photography!

11 11 2011

Nick and Amy enjoyed a fabulous day at the Frederick Meijer Gardens for their windy wedding day.  It was one of those fabulous fall days with big puffy clouds over a bright blue sky and the fall winds blowing the leaves off the trees.  It was amazing and wonderful!  Amy was stunning and Nick was decked out with tails….love the tails!  After our noses cooled a bit from the brisk breeze we enjoyed the warm beauty that is the inside of the gardens.  Just amazing.  Congratulations Nick and Amy!!  Thank you for having us there with you!

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Brad & Lisa, Wedding Photography!

4 11 2011

Brad and Lisa!  Wow.  Okay, we love fall weddings.  We love Chicago weddings.  We love beautiful fall days.  We love fun couples, families, and wedding parties.  We love beautiful people in beautiful places.  What else can we say.  What a perfect day with a wonderful couple!  Everything was fantastic!  We were so glad to be there.  Congratulations Brad and Lisa!

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