Bryan Melton and friends Picnic

17 08 2011
Bryan Melton is our local Edward Jones connection.  He, his family, and his staff work hard for so many families in West Michigan and we appreciate his contributions to the community.  Every year he hosts a community picnic for friends, clients, and potential clients.  This year we were invited to photograph this great event for him.  You can see many of the photographs captured through the day by checking out
the online preview below.  Thanks Bryan!  Enjoy!!

Click HERE to watch the online preview.

Click HERE to watch the picnic official trailer video!

Click HERE to purchase prints from the event.

Click HERE to view/purchase the family portraits taken at the event.


Dennis D., Professional Photographs

20 05 2011

We hear this a lot….It’s been [insert number of years here] since I updated my professional photographs.  We can help with that.

Artprize & Dan Johnson Photography!

22 09 2010

Greetings Friends and family,

Jodi and I are eager to let everyone know that we have an entry in Artprize 2010!  Our entry was created to bring exposure to a great organization in West Michigan called the Caregiver Resource Network (CRN).  The CRN exists to help people who are caring for others.  It’s really pretty cool.  Of course, we would love for you to see it and vote for it if you’d like.  So here are the details:

TITLE OF ENTRY:  “Don’t Walk the Caregiver Path Alone”
VENUE:  Bar Divani, 15 Ionia Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.  Click here for a map.  (Just behind the VanAndel Arena.)
ARTIST:  Dan Johnson
VOTE UP CODE:  47951

Here is just a small sampling of the more than 20 hand wrapped canvas prints that are part of the entry:

In order to vote you need to REGISTER at a registration site.
These two registration sites are very close to our venue:

1.  Grand Rapids Public Library

111 Library Street NE   Click HERE for a map.
2.  Women’s City Club
254 East Fulton St  Click HERE for a map.

For a complete list of registration sites click here.

How to vote —


You decide who wins ArtPrize®. We think that’s pretty exciting.

Week 1 – All Artists Voters can vote up or vote down on any artist (only one vote per artist).
Week 2 – The Top 10 Voters have ONE vote (no down votes) to cast for one of the Top 1

Voting options

All ArtPrize voting is online, but there are lots of options to make voting easy.
Sign in. Search for the artist, or enter their five-digit number on the home page.

Text Message
Vote by SMS text messaging if you register your mobile phone on

Mobile Browser
You can vote on the spot with a mobile device. Sign in to and enter the artist’s 5-digit number into the box.

iPhone App
Download the ArtPrize iPhone app from the iTunes store. Sign in and enter the artist’s five-digit number into the box.

Where to vote

Once you activate your voting status at a voter registration site, you can vote from this website, your mobile phone or using the ArtPrize® iPhone app.
In 2010, there will be locations with computers devoted to assisting the public in voting.

Vote at The Hub

Head over to the Old Federal Building at 155 N Division. The Voting Hub room is just for you, just for voting and staffed with friendly volunteers. All furniture is provided by Herman Miller, so it’s comfortably stylish, too.
Having trouble voting? The Hub also has a troubleshooting team waiting for you.

Vote at a Comcast Voting Station

Comcast, our 2010 technology sponsor, has set up voting stations in each of the five ArtPrize neighborhoods that are free and open to the public. They are clearly marked on the ArtPrize® Map.

Center City
146 Monroe Center (outside of BIGGBY Coffee)
Van Andel Arena – 130 West Fulton
Grand Rapids Civic Theater – 30 Division Avenue North
Monroe North
LaFontsee Galleries/Underground Studio – 80 Monroe Avenue NW
Bridgewater Place – 333 Bridge Street NW

Find all the details you may need at

We hope you find some time to enjoy all the art.  Remember, you need to vote WEEK ONE for an artist to get into the top 10.

Have fun!!  Thanks for visiting and voting!!

Artprize 2010, Grand Rapids Philanthropic Photography

10 08 2010

The Philanthropic Arm of Dan Johnson Photography seeks to bring exposure and/or awareness about organizations, individuals, or people groups in our community who are making a difference.  We accomplish this great goal through our “Day in the Life” series (more on that later), or through special projects such as this year’s Artprize Entry.  This year we have partnered with an organization called the Caregiver Resource Network (CRN) which cares for people who care for others. It is our hope to bring more exposure and awareness about caregiving, caregivers, and the tremendous resources that the CRN can provide to help.


Caregiving will effect every one of us.  Each of us will either be or need a caregiver at some point in our lives.  Caregiving can be a big and difficult responsibility.  It can be overwhelming and challenging.  It can be difficult to balance time, responsibilities, finances, and family.  Walking the caregiver path alone can be very hard.

Caregiving can also be enjoyable and rewarding when you walk the caregiver path with others who can help.

Our Artprize entry is being artistically created to bring exposure to a group of people and organizations called the Caregiver Resource Network. This terrific group is working together to make caregiving easier.  The Caregiver Resource Network believes that when we walk the caregiver path together many of the challenges can be made easier and the burdens made lighter.  We find that together we can often find beauty and joy in the caregiving process.

We hope you will come enjoy our Artprize entry at The Gallery at Bar Diviani, near the B.O.B. in downtown Grand Rapids.  We hope the collection of photographic artwork will help you see the beauty that can be part of the caregiving process.  Don’t walk the caregiver path alone.

Thanks for reading.  Please check back for more information that will be added later.

Click HERE to see our page on the Artprize website.

Click HERE to go to the Artprize Home Page.

Click HERE to visit the Caregiver Resources Network Webpage.

Click HERE for a map to the Artprize Entry in the Gallery at Bar Diviani.

Click HERE to visit the Dan Johnson Photography Web site.

The Zamarripas, Outdoor Family Photography

27 07 2010

Frank is the Owner and Executive Chef of the Latitude Roadhouse and Steelhead tavern in Howard City.  He is one of the few local establishments to sell grass fed beef from local farmers like Maple Valley Farms.  It was fun to photograph Frank’s family and then some of him and the grass fed beef be proudly serves.

Click here to see their online gallery.

Reno, NV. Architectural Photography

14 07 2010

I have the privilege to photograph this amazing home in Reno, NV.  Believe it or not, this photograph was not modified other than a small exposure adjustment to the home.  What an amazing property!  These folks understand the tremendous value of exceptional architectural photography.  Can we photograph your property for you?

Bolhouse, Vander Hulst, Riski, Baar & Lefere, P.C. Attorney Photography

24 06 2010

We have been good friends with Joel Baar for a long time and have always been impressed with the level of service this fantastic group of Attorneys provides.  Click here for more information about them.  Give Dan Johnson Photography a call if you need to update your Executive Image.