I’m pretty sure my love of photography began in high school.  I always carried an incredibly cheap point and shoot camera at my side everywhere I went.  I took it on roller coasters, to summer camp, football fields during marching band performances, and especially those carnival rides that spin you around until the floor drops out and you are just sorta stuck to the wall.  It was great trying to take pictures of that without the camera smacking me in the face.

In College I hooked up with my Youth Pastor and learned the art of taking wedding photos, developing them after the ceremony in a portable dark room, and then showing them at the reception.  It was always a huge hit.  I had a great time with Pastor Bill, and learned a lot about photography.  Most importantly, I learned how pictures effect people.  The images we caught would generate laughter and tears, giggles, and even sometimes screams.  It was awesome!

In 2003 Jodi and I decided to start up Dan Johnson Photography.  This began our formal journey into portrait and wedding photography.  We created a small studio in the basement of our home and away we went.

Today we have a much larger….much cooler studio in Grandville that enables us to host our guests in comfort, process images with the best technology, and capture incredible moments in life.  Families, kids, babies, seniors, weddings, and even some corporate imaging.  We absolutely love where we are and what we do.

We believe that the best photography captures real life and, for the most part, is not posed.  We like to get spontaneous expression of real joy.  We have found that family jokes, tickling feet, and being personally joyful and relaxed help make this happen.

We believe in taking different, unique, fun, cool, stunning, and modest images.  If you want pictures in your bathing suit. or are an underwear model…well….we can refer you to other good photographers.

We believe that God created everything and that there is inherent beauty in everything and everyone.  We think beautiful images capture the beauty of God’s creation.  This is our goal; to freeze moments in life and creation that others can enjoy and show off.

God has been continually good to us.  We cannot deny it.

Life goes by quickly.  Photography is our medium to freeze moments in life that can be treasured for life.  We would be honored if you would let us capture some of your story for you.

We are proud members of the Professional Photographer’s of America,  Professional Photographer’s of Michigan, Wedding and Portraits Photographers International, the Grand Rapids Home Builders Association, and the Greater Grandville Chamber of commerce.


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